Victor Cidnavi is saxophonist, composer, and band leader. He plays a tenor saxophone that is tuned to a concert pitch of 432 Hz (A = 432 Hz; C = 256 Hz).
The custom-made instrument has been manufactured in Italy by the company Borgani.

The natural intonation of the 432 Hz instrument - in contrast to instruments tuned to a pitch of 440 Hz - reproduces those original frequencies and frequency interactions that resonate in harmony with the sonority of nature and the universal energy field. Generally, music tuned in A = 432 Hz is warmer, brighter and more beautiful than music in 440 Hz and makes you feel calmer, happier and more relaxed. To compare the pitch of the note A tuned to 432 Hz and 440 Hz, you can use an online tone generator.  

"Sound is the medicine of the future..." (Edgar Cayce)

Water sound image
at A = 440 Hz

Water sound image
at A = 432 Hz

440 hz 432 hz

Victor Cidnavi is a prolific composer; his compositions cover a wide range of musical styles: 
Blues and R&B, Free Jazz, Funk, Hard Bop, High Energy Jazz, Latin Jazz, Oriental Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and Space Jazz. 
All original compositions are collated in a song book.

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As a band leader, Victor Cidnavi has played live concerts with the following band formations, all using original compositions and tuned to A = 432 Hz:

=> Kundalini Jazz Experience: Free Bop with Klaus Wallmeier (drums) Luke Wilkins (violin), and Victor Cidnavi (tenor sax).

=> NuStream Jazz Quartet with Tobias Zipfel  (drums), John Schu (e-bass), Sven Rieger (e- guitar) & Victor Cidnavi (tenor sax).
AfroEurAsian music ranging from Smooth Jazz to High-Energy Jazz, with excursions to Latin Music and Oriental Jazz Rock. 

=> Soul Speakers: Bossas, Rhythym & Blues, and Funk grooves composed and improvised by Marcus Bencivenga (E-Guitar)
and Victor Cidnavi (tenor sax). 


You can contact Victor Cidnavi via e-mail: music[at]victorcidnavi.com

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